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packaging tape manufacturers

The packaging tape is made of BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as the base material. After pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion is uniformly applied to form a rubber layer of 8μm----28μm, forming a BOPP tape mother roll, which is a light industrial enterprise. public,After the high-pressure corona treatment of the BOPP original film, the surface of the BOPP is roughened, and then the glue is applied on it. The tape mother roll is first formed, and then cut into small rolls of different specifications by a slitting machine, which is used by us daily. Tape. Pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion, the main component is butyl ester.

packaging tape Main feature
High-quality and high-performance tapes perform well even in extreme weather conditions, and are suitable for storage in warehouses, shipment of containers, and prevention of cargo theft, illegal opening, etc. Available in up to 6 colors and different sizes. Neutral and personalized sealing tape
The main advantage
Thin thickness, good performance and price ratio · Transparent appearance, double-sided adhesive · Non-toxic, odorless, safe · Easy to use, high efficiency · High anti-buffering strength · Good retraction rate · Anti-piercing · Good tear resistance


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