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What is Bopp Packaging Tape?

Biaxially headed plastic popularly referred to as Bopp packaging tape that became very fashionable used growth tape on the globe market thanks to a novel combinatory properties like higher ability to seal, shrinkage, transparency, stiffness, twist retention and barrier. supported a special molecular structure and stabilization of the rosin, these homopolymers offer optimum mechanical and optical properties, in addition as wonderful method ability. BOPP packaging tapes area unit employed in numerous applications together with pressure sensitive tape, versatile packaging, printing and lamination, metalizing, stationary, and cable wrap & insulation.

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Indeed it is important for a company to be capable of fulfilling customer's needs, but valuing customer's contentment is of greater importance. We are a company that customers praise for its values. The satisfaction that we get after earning their trust, is highly valued by us. So, we ensure to give the best in return along with benefiting them on every business deal.

What we value other than our customers is employee's satisfaction. Personnel who work with our company has the capability to make us the best or the worst in the industry. Therefore, we treat them in a best and fair manner which positively impacts our reputation.


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