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What is BOPP packing tapes?

BOPP packing tapes square measure product of BOPP(Biaxially orientating Polypropylene) films coated with hotmelt adhesive. thanks to robust adhesion, low cost, convenience and usage with automatic packing machines, it's become one in every of the most packing materials.Bopp packaging tape is AN all purpose grade acrylic tape. it's designed for manual or machine-controlled waterproofing of sunshine to medium weight cartons in varied temperature conditions.
1.Excellent adhesion and shear properties
2.Resistance to cold, heat and aging
3.UV stabilized - will not start cartons
4.High mechanical strength and smart impact resistance
5.Ideal to be used in dispensers
1.Shipping, packaging, bundling, wrapping.
2.Ideal for waterproofing of cartons, merchandise, pallets
3.Excellent performing artist for each hand and machine application.


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