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Tips to prevent breakage of packaging tape

Tape is very popular and supported by consumers in our lives, but do you know that we have any way to prevent the packaging tape from breaking? The tape wholesale below will give you a general idea of breaking the tips!
     1. When receiving the packaging tape, please be careful not to use the knife to directly cut from the middle, to cut from both ends, the lower knife can not be too deep, the thickness of the carton is very thin, the knife is too hard, it will be cut to the top The packaging tape that comes into contact has a little knife wound on it, and the whole roll is scrapped. It is broken when pulled, so please pay attention to avoid contact with the packing tape or sharp objects when you open the box. Second, during the use of the packaging tape, the colloid can not be touched by sharp objects, and the packaging tape is relatively fragile, so as not to cause damage.
     2. In addition, the tape manufacturer said that there is a rule in the use of packaging tape, that is, if we find that the tape has been broken from one place during use, the packaging tape may have been damaged.
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