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Tape manufacturers teach you how to distinguish the quality of scotch tape

Jiang run As a tape manufacturer with more than 10 years in the belt industry, we have years of experience in teaching how to identify roll quality.
The judgment of whether transparent tape is good or bad mainly depends on the viscosity of the tape. The viscosity of the tape is good, of course, this can not be used as the only reference. Some defective tapes are sticky after shipment from the factory and not sticky after being left for a while. A good tape is not a mistake. There are two main ways to determine if a tape is good or bad. First check the thickness of the tape paper tube, the thickness of the standard paper tube is 3 mm. Look at the diameter of the paper tube The standard diameter is 7.8 cm The smell of the tape smells too big or the smell is bad The quality is not good Whether the tape is sticky or not, whether there is a gap Examine There are no sticky hands or gaps. Check for air bubbles on the surface of the tape Good quality tape rolls are tight, no air bubbles Of course there may be air bubbles if it is a new factory tape. Check the tension of the tape and it is bad if the tape is particularly fragile. A good adhesive tape is not easy to remove with a good transparent film. The most important thing is to check the viscosity of the tape. There are a number of inspection methods that can be pulled out suddenly after sealing with tape. It is also folded into a long tape, split into two, folded to fit completely in the middle position, and suddenly pulled up if the tape is not pulled up or if some of the tape breaks during the tape pulling process Can be .
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