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Low price wholesale high quality BOPP self adhesive tape

Adhesive tape (a.k.a. pressure sensitive tape, PSA tape, self-stick tape or sticky tape) consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material such as paper, plastic film, cloth or metal foil.
Some tapes have removable release liners which protect the adhesive until the liner is removed. Some have layers of adhesives, primers, easy release materials, filaments, printing, etc. made for specific functions.
·Excellent adhesion and shear properties
·Resistance to cold, heat and aging
·UV stabilised - won't lift off cartons
·High mechanical strength and good impact resistance
·Ideal for use in dispensers
-Shipping, packaging, bundling, wrapping.
-Ideal for sealing of cartons,boxes,merchandise, pallets
-Excellent performer for both hand and machine application.


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