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Carton sealing tapesmanufacturers

Carton sealing tapes feature a non-yellowing and UV resistant acrylic based adhesive system. Acrylic carton sealing tapes maintain their adhesive properties better and longer.
Typlical  Applications
-Used for packaging, instructions, special offers, quality control, hazard warning, identification.
-Customize your packages, promote company name and improve the image of any generic package with colourful printed box sealing tape
-Used for inventory dating on perishable produce cartons and to deter tampering
-A cost valuable and effective way to doing quality control checks, tagging wiring harnesses, sealing bags, labelling parts or printing instructions.
-Printed security messages discourage pilferage and reduce shortage disputes.
-Colour coding for different products prevent costly shipping errors and disputes.
-Symbol coding in multi-lingual markets speed packages on correct routes.
-Enhance re-packaging and re-distribution with printed pre-assigned destination coded box sealing tape.
» Light-weight packaging.
» High adhesion.
» High tensile strength.
» Weather-resistance.
» Broad temperature range.
» Printable.
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