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BOPP packaging tape manufacturers

Shijiazhuang Jiangrun Industry & Trade Co., Ltd  are a trusted manufacturer and suppliers of BOPP packaging tape to our vast range of clients demanding personalized products from all over the world. BOPP packing tapes are some of the most widely consumed tapes in the inventory management and shipping today, but with a good reason.

Our BOPP packaging tape is normally made from a BOPP-based film called biaxial oriented polypropylene. The polypropylene is regarded as a thermoplastic polymer stating that it is supple above a specific temperature, and comes back to its solid state once it’s done cooling. The process is normally higher than the applied pre-stretch to about 250 percent with no guarantee of no film breaks, providing you with ultimate quality and superior economy.

Majority of the BOPP films are considered to be non-toxic and therefore quite safe and reliable to use. They are environment-friendly and meet the standard environmental protection standards, while some of the films are normally made from the recycled material. There are times when the tape is about 48mm wide but also consumed in the 72mm widths.


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